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03 June 2015

Little more on Hinterveld

Posted in Blankets and throws

“Mohair, or as most people know it, “Hinterveld Mohair” is known for being the world’s most beautiful and sought-after sustainable natural resources.
At Hinterveld we pay tribute to this AWESOME gift from nature with thoughtful,
inspired design and meticulous attention to detail in the crafting of all our mohair products... And people wonder why we’re the best!

This passionate outlook embodies Hinterveld’s luxurious premium ranges of Mohair blankets,
scarves and throws with beauty, integrity and the softest warmth.
So don’t be surprised to discover a natural desire to take a Hinterveld Mohair product home with you…” - As quoted from the Hinterveld Website

Hinterveld is made up of a team of the most dedicated mohair weavers.
As part of the Stucken Group, an international leader in mohair buying, trading and processing,
Hinterveld has access to the vast wealth of experience acquired by the Stucken Group’s commitment to premium mohair in South Africa since 1951.

With the most amazing range of stock, and a ability to manufacture specific orders to their client’s individual requirements,
 Hinterveld aims to develop long-term relationships with a growing customer base, which shares our enthusiasm for this remarkable natural product.

Obviously very aware of their surroundings, Hinterveld is committed to playing a meaningful part in the community.
To this end they are constantly involved in developing and exploring new and dynamic ways in which they are able to involve the less fortunate members of they’re society,
 in order to improve their circumstances by creating opportunities that promote dignity and self worth.