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28 February 2017

Linen - What you need now

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By Camilla Swart

Pure linen is the ultimate fabric of choice when matching the need for both comfort and style. It is the oldest fabric used by man, having being produced by civilizations far older than the ancient Egyptians. Its strength has literally stood the test of time – linen fabric was used by the Egyptians to wrap around their mummies before placing them in the tombs. During excavations, the fabric has been found intact in tombs dating back centuries B.C.








The ancient Egyptians knew a thing or two about linen and its uses back then. The question we may want answered is, what are the advantages of linen in our ultra-modern times?

Linen is a natural fibre made from the flax plant. Flax grows in various places around the world –basically it needs well drained soil and lots of moisture. Belgium and Ireland are renowned as great linen producing countries. Linen is however grown in many countries around the world, wherever the climate and production methods of the fabric can be economically applied. It is labour intensive to produce linen fabric and over time linen was superseded by cotton fabric which was easier to produce.

Natural fibres are characterised by their ability to regulated body temperature, keeping you cool when the weather is hot and warm when the weather is cold. Linen is also an unusually strong fibre and this makes it a very long lasting fibre from which to make bed linen. In fact bed linen made from pure linen which is laundered and cared for properly, can last a lifetime (or can even be handed down from generation to generation - as was the case in more modern historical times)! 

Pure linen is hypo-allergenic – which means that it does not cause or encourage allergies. It is perfect for bed linen, as apart from its beauty, it makes good health sense to. Linen repels dirt and stains, and does not pill or lint. It always feels cool to the touch and has a natural lustre – making it absolutely perfect for superior bedding.

Linen, as with cotton has a reputation for creasing; however those of us who truly love the fabric accept the small creases as part of its innate beauty. There are guidelines around laundering linen which reduce creasing and handling the linen (using it over time) also reduces and softens the creasing. 

Pure linen needs to be washed in hot water – 60*C at least. Hot water kills germs and mites that can be found in and bedding. To get the most out of your linen bedlinen, it should be rinsed well and then dried carefully. The best way of drying linen is in natural sunlight, although these days a light tumble dry is also good. Take your linen out of the dryer or off the wash line while it is still dampish, and iron. NEVER use bleach on linen bedding, rather remove stains as they occur.

Pillowcases, flat sheets and duvet covers iron beautifully when slightly damp, and fitted sheets can be pulled over the mattress and left to become totally dry.  After ironing it is important to ensure that your linen is perfectly dry, as using or storing damp linen could encourage mildew to form in the bedding. (to find out how to remove mildew, click here):

There is a modern tendency to leave pure linen bedding un-ironed, resulting in bedding which has a slightly crushed texture that is wonderfully attractive. This is especially so when the linen is coloured or dyed. 

At Linen Drawer we offer our clients our superior pure white linen in all bedding sizes as it is woven in a wider width for us. Our linen products have the lustre and feel of pure luxury. Visit our website to view our beautiful pure linen bedding and add your own personal touch to it by having your bedding embroidered or satin stitched in colours to match your colour scheme.

Those canny Egyptians weren’t wrong –pure linen is the fabric of royalty!




 Flax plants in flower                    Flax plants newly harvested





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