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10 August 2016

Join the Movement!

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SOHPA unique secret society was founded in 1999: A society who focussed entirely on Happiness and being Happy and the acknowledgement of Happiness.

The success of the first Month of Happiness created by the movement, led to the nomination of August as the MONTH OF HAPPINESS - Make Happiness Happen Month. Learn more about them on their website (

Briefly put the object is to embrace the fact that we are not miserable all the time – in fact, we are often happy, although we don’t recognise the feeling. I like the thought behind the whole movement, as the results can be positive and beneficial.  What the society does not do is deny the existence of unhappiness, misery, sadness, trauma, and the distress that comes with being a human being.



Objectives of the society are to recognise and express happiness, listen to others express happiness and to encourage others to experience happiness (not raining on their parades).

At Linen Drawer ( we constantly strive to make our customers, as well as our manufacturing and  support team, happy.  Everything we do in the business is geared towards the well-being and comfort of our customers.  We feel that we have a good hold on the concept of happiness.

One of our core values at Linen Drawer, apart from customer focus, innovation, caring for the community, honesty and accountability, and growing our people and business, is to HAVE FUN!  At Linen Drawer we like to feel happy at work and take pleasure in the achievements and wellbeing of our workers.

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Of course we are not all the same.  Different things make us happy, but there are some common actions which can affect our happiness and that of others.  For instance, some people are happy curled up on our wonderful bedding reading a book, whereas others are happy hiking in our magnificent South African outdoors. There is nothing to compare with the wonderful feeling of being happy – that quiet inward nod of acknowledgement that comes with the realisation of happiness.  The uncountable health benefits of being happy are well documented and they should be a motivation for all of us to pursue the feelings of happiness.

Exercise,  a great night’s sleep on our wonderful bed linen, selflessness, kindness, connectedness, spontaneity, meditation, achieving goals, new experiences, learning and mastering new skills, exploration, expressing gratitude, and sharing all are known to engender happiness.  At last, something that feels good, that actually is good for us!
Put away your cynical boots for the month of August, and join us in making our surrounding world just a little happier.

By Camilla Swart