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28 July 2015


Posted in Your Comfort

The Compromise

No, this is not a trick question from the Linen Drawer team! We really want to know, because….
if you or your partner are really “hot,” then we might have a unique product that might be perfect for you.

A while ago, one of our good customers came to us with an unusual request. I want to sleep in warm, snuggly, brushed cotton winter sheets,
but my husband prefers sleeping in your quality, smooth, pure cotton percale bedlinen. “Can you produce a flat and fitted sheet using warm, snuggly,
brushed cotton winter sheeting on the one side and on the other side, your quality 200 thread count pure cotton percale sheeting?”
Naturally we did just that. We call it “The Compromise.”

These fitted sheets are produced with one half made from pure cotton warm winter sheeting and the other half made using 200 t/c Pure Cotton Percale. 
The method behind this apparent madness, is that not everybody feels equally cold in bed. When sharing a bed with someone who feels less cold,
 it makes sense for them to be sleeping on the crisp cooler percale side of the sheet, and those who feel the cold more, sleep on the warm, snuggly brushed cotton side. 

At Linen Drawer we like finding solutions to problems such as this,
and can recommend this product as a solution to the cry that we frequently hear:  “My spouse is too hot!!!!!”