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30 July 2018


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Celebrating Women
By Camilla Swart

“I am woman, hear me roar” is the first line of the song written by Helen Reddy in the 1970’s which became the anthem of the feminist movement. To me it speaks only of empowerment, and the lyrics are applicable whether you are male or female.

August is the month in which we celebrate Women’s Day in South Africa. The purpose is to acknowledge the importance of women in our lives and applaud their successes and achievements. Let’s examine what the ideal 21st century woman looks like.

The modern woman has come a long way. She is no longer house-bound, subservient to a husband or father, and bound by ignorance and society. Today, women are free to study, work, vote, and choose whatever life they want. The modern woman is in a position to adapt and benefit from the challenges and change that is inherent in living in the 21st century.

The ability to vote, and participate in political decision-making, is the most empowering breakthrough for women in our modern age. Women’s voices count equally to men’s. They can affect governance and policy making to provide caring and supportive societies in which all people can flourish.

Women’s career choices are now the same as men’s. They enjoy the freedom of competing for the same positions and sharing the same career achievements. Women are seen as equal to men.

The modern woman is independent. She has a firm sense of what she wants and how to achieve her goals. This means that she is also confident that she can adapt and change as life challenges her.

However, the 21st century woman is not boring. Her sense of humour has helped her cope with challenges, as well as tempering her strength. She is kind, because she knows that kindness is the ultimate test of character. She is beautiful because of her confidence and comfort in her own skin – not defined by society or fashion. Her intelligence lights her life path and that of everyone she meets. She has a well-defined sense of adventure, because adventures, big or small, are what define a passionately lived life.

Women have never been more empowered to truly be the best they can be. There are no limits to what is achievable. The future lies in the hands of women; those working, studying, mothering, caring, nurturing, fighting, laughing and roaring women we see around us every day.

Let’s honour them this month of August and specially on Women’s Day, 9 August.


At Linen Drawer we celebrate women every day, but in August we celebrate all month!