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22 November 2018


Posted in General Information

By Camilla Swart

Christmas!  Do you feel an upwelling of joy and anticipation when you hear the word, or dread and anxiety about overspending?

Every year I used to suffer from Shoppingitus Xmasia a deadly creepy, unshakeable condition, which manifests as the fanatical search for the perfect gift for everyone on your gift list. Relief came from my wise and long-suffering husband, who pointed out that perfection was best not pursued in this area, adding that the most precious gift of all, was time.

This forced a change of attitude on me. Spending time with friends, colleagues, and family is the best way to say – ‘I love you, you matter to me’.

If you feel obliged to give a material gift, ask what the recipient would like. Listening to what people say will lead you to find out what they want, and often it’s not the gift, but the feeling that the gift evokes that they remark on.

The recipients of your gifts need to feel special - and Maya Angelou’s famous quote, below, says it all!


Linen Drawer has embraced this concept, in all aspects of the business. Their products, made from the best quality fabrics, made with attention to detail and love, ensure that anyone receiving a gift bought online or in the Linen Drawer showroom will feel special and loved.

Sleeping Comfort’ is the promise that Linen Drawer products hold – what is more precious than this, for all your loved ones?

Browse amongst beautiful 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton gowns, soft, cuddly Pure Cotton Throws, beautiful Table Linen, fluffy Towels, luxurious Bed Linen – all which can easily be monogrammed or embroidered to make the gift really special and personal. We can also provide a gift voucher (only available at our showrooms in Paarl and only relevant to purchases made there) – enabling the recipient to choose their own gift. Visit our showroom or go online ( to choose meaningful gifts for those you love and care about.