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22 March 2017

Embracing our Dark Side

Posted in Decor and Style

By Camilla Swart





This year Linen Drawer has the opportunity to exhibit at Decorex.  We will be exhibiting in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.  It would be a proper understatement to say that we are excited about this.  We are vibrating, apprehensive, scared, unsure, vibrating again, excited, shivering, scared, determined and losing our collective minds!  Why?  Well, we decided not to employ the services of ‘stand builder/planner’ but to go it alone.  Truly a venture into the dark side….

Fortunately we have an incredibly talented team who are part of the Linen Drawer family. Jeff Jude, our Cape Town agent and Vanessa van Aswegen our Boland agent, have been invaluable in planning, envisioning and putting together a knock-out design/plan for the very first Linen Drawer stand at Decorex Cape Town. 

It started with a meeting in early February at Linen Drawer. There was tension in the room – I tried to lighten it up, but received a glance from Jimmy, our CEO. Jeff looked wise and sipped some water. I lost my voice and thought I was going to choke.  Vanessa was quiet, but looked as if she had lots to add.

There was so much to decide, and we all had our own ideas of how best to showcase the wonderful Linen Drawer products.  There were differences of opinion, and a few ‘No-no’s.’ There was also so much creativity and sharing of ideas. There was laughter and brainstorming and coming back to the next meeting and saying “that won’t work because…” or “I really like that idea, let’s use it!”  I am immensely proud to say diplomacy and professionalism from the team won the day, as it usually does!

 A highlight of our journey towards the exhibition and setting up our stand is the immense respect that I have for the team I am working with. All have contributed their expertise and knowledge, and I value the opportunity to work with and learn from them.

Linen Drawer is about comfortable and luxurious bed, bath and table linens; and we aim to show everyone that.  Watch social media and our website for updates and photos – we hope your visit to our stand will be pleasant and valuable. You will also get to meet the team who put it together.