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14 June 2018


Posted in Decor and Style

By Camilla Swart

Winter isn’t coming – it’s here already, and with it the downright chilly weather that you either love or hate. 

Personally, I don’t like winter, and if you are similar to me, and suffer from ‘coldness,’ then I have just the product to keep you warm and comfortable all winter. Our grannies knew what they were doing when they layered on the eiderdowns (very plushy feather quilts) on our beds in winter.  Those eiderdowns were wonderfully warm and kept out the worst winter chills, but were bulky and cumbersome to use.

Bearing the above in mind, I searched for down products that were ethically sourced and certified.  Happily, I found that Linen Drawer stocks duck and goose down duvet inners that comply to international testing and ethical standards. Why such concern with ethics? Linen Drawer prides itself for adhering to ethical standards when it comes to sourcing of products, employment and environmental issues. 

Down duvet and pillows are made form the soft featherlike down on the breasts of geese and ducks. Goose down is superior to duck down only in that the down clusters are larger and trap more air. It is this supremely wonderful insulation that makes down the warmest natural insulator know to man. Down has the ability to absorb moisture and to pass it off into the atmosphere.  Ensuring that you are cosy and not clammy. This breathability allows you to use down products all year long – down is warm in winter and cool in summer.

Most down products are filled with a mixture of down and feathers. This blend is described by percentage and the warmth that the duvet will provide is measured as a tog rating. So, you could have a 90/10% down feather blend duvet with a rating of 12 tog. 

Tog rating is related to the amount of air that a duvet traps. So, a higher down/feather blend will be warmer and lighter, yet more comfortable than any other duvet. The table below indicates the use of tog to measure a duvet’s climatic suitability.

When buying a down duvet inner and down pillows it is important to consider your sleeping environment. Do you like to sleep with windows open? Do you live in a moderate winter area?

Personal choice and financial awareness are the two factors that will affect the choice of a down/feather duvet. Ethically sourced down and feathers are not cheap. You are however, buying a product that will last at least 10 – 15 years with proper care.

It is important that the casing is good down-proof fabric, look for a product with the Okeo-Tex Standard 100 label. This ensures that all components adhere to regulations regarding health and safety internationally.

Look for a box/square construction on the duvet – as pictured below:

This ensures that the filling does not ‘move’ too much and is evenly spread.  Regular shaking is advised as this allows the down clusters to become plumped with air – maintaining the insulating property of your duvet. 

I will be publishing a blog relating to the care, laundering and storage of down/feather products soon, so watch this space. Remember… regular cleaning of your duvet or pillow will ensure longevity and a hygienic sleep.

There is nothing more wonderful than a peaceful night’s rest, and under a down duvet you will experience that… night after night. 

Linen Drawer believes in sleeping comfort and are able to assist you in your choice of a down/feather duvet and pillows.  Please contact us should you require assistance or further information.