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21 November 2016


Posted in Stain removal


Sunblock or sunscreen stains are very difficult to remove from white clothing, towels or bed linen.  That is because there are actually different types of sunscreen:  the colourless type (invisible on skin when applied), and the opaque one, which is either a white lotion or cream these all result in different types of staining because of their chemical content.

What are you to do once the stains have appeared – sometimes only after washing?  Firstly have a look at which chemicals the sunblock contains – look out for the following:

Titanium/ zinc, avobenzene, and iron oxide are all found in sunscreen and are responsible for tough stains and headaches on washday.

Next step is having a look at the stains – the most common are yellow and characteristically appear after washing.  These are caused by avobenzene which is a preservative.  Treat the stains by rubbing the wet stains with Boer seep( available at Linen Drawer). Allow to stand for 30 minutes.  Then wash in water as hot as the wash-care label allows.

Pink stains that appear after washing are caused by Riemann P20 and respond very well to products like Vanish.  Soak overnight in Vanish – or any similar oxy-detergent- and then wash in water with no added detergent. Remember that Vanish and other oxy detergents can only be used on white products, they will bleach colours.

Brown/rust stains are caused by the colouring agents in sunblock, and are removed by treating the stain with oxalic acid (available at pharmacies). Please be cautious when using oxalic acid – use rubber gloves and one teaspoon Oxalic acid to one litre of water.

Wishing you happy beach days and hassle-free washdays!

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