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15 November 2017

Christmas Joy

Posted in Decor and Style

It is easy to become totally silly when speaking about Christmas. There is so much joy and anticipation associated with the festive season that I need to focus my mind on the sensible to get the best out of this joyous season.

Around October I start to feel that there’s something I should be aware of…and it takes me a while to realise that the something… is that Christmas is only a few months away. Then the lists start – gifts, food, shopping, to-do’s, must happens, and more. I am proud to report steady progress in having a relaxing and relatively stress-free Christmas as the years move on, and I come to realize the true meaning of Christmas.

The most important aspect is the joy and tingling anticipation that these Holy days evoke.  Joy because the message of Christmas is universal – joy and peace to all mankind. Anticipation is the less spiritual side of this, and it’s all about the gifts, the celebration, the twinkling lights, the sense of well-being and relaxation, contemplating the happy faces around you.

Christmas is about giving. The most joy is derived from seeing the happy faces when unwrapping lovely gifts, seeing the enjoyment that togetherness and sharing bring to the whole family. Giving of your time is the most precious gift of all and says that you care so much. Time spent together with friends and family is precious and it is here that the memories and stories of a lifetime originate.

I must share that the Linen Drawer team look forward to Christmas with great anticipation. We discuss decorations, food, venues, guests and other weighty issues with fervour – all with the Linen Drawer year end party in mind.  Every year we stop work just before Christmas and take the afternoon off. This is to celebrate and honour the efforts of all the staff members in making Linen Drawer a successful business. Without them Linen Drawer would cease to exist, and this fact is celebrated by enjoying a relaxed and fun time with good food and fun games.

At Linen Drawer the Christmas season and the time leading up to it is a very busy period. Orders are processed and every client must be happy with their order! We offer you easy gift shopping options like personalised bed linen, beautiful Egyptian cotton gowns, embroidered table linen and many more lovely items (Visit our webpage ).  It’s as easy as a mouse click and you will have made a loved one so happy!

So, bring on the twinkling fairy lights, the glittering tinsel, ‘snowy’ Christmas trees, bright baubles, green, red, gold and silver decorations of all shapes and forms. Play the Christmas music, the carols and popular songs. Gather the family and friends to celebrate, sharing time and gifts with loved ones. Feel the love and peace that are the true gifts of Christmas!