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26 July 2016

Bring me Poppies in August

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Poppies are the symbolic birth flower of the month of August and they represent beauty, strength, love, marriage and family.  As a wife and mother this resonates with me, and as a woman I really like the ‘strength and love” part of the previous statement.

August is the eight month of the year and is named after the Emperor Augustus Caesar.  In the Old Saxon calendar it was named “Weod Month” – or the month in which weeds grew. In ancient times the first day of August was called Lammas Day. This was traditionally the start of the harvest in the Northern Hemisphere, and the month is associated with bountifulness, gathering and celebrating.

For the folks living in the Southern Hemisphere all this is slightly different.  August is still perceived as the last month of winter.  It is cold outside and very far from the golden harvest days of the northern Hemisphere.  Consider the fact that Northern hemisphere August is the equivalent of a Southern hemisphere February.  This puts everything into focus. 

Let us concentrate on the month of August and what it means to us, and forget about the physical grim coldness of the month.

August is Women’s Month in South Africa, and this ties in beautifully with the symbolism of the poppy and it’s meaning of strength, beauty, love and family.  In this month we honour the women in our lives and who surround us.  We acknowledge the contributions made to our society by brave and pioneering women throughout the history of South Africa. At Linen Drawer honouring women is something we do every day.  Our staff is 99% female and we support and respect each other as well as ensuring that our clients are kept happy and well supplied with our wonderful products.

August is the month in which we start to examine our homes with new eyes.  Winter is almost past.  Spring and summer are suddenly looking very attractive after the cold and dark of the winter and our thoughts turn to new décor, new colours and the warmth and ease of summer months.  For me August is a time for reflection, for gathering my thoughts and gearing up for summer. As the  days slowly lengthen and the cold loosens its grip on us, spring flowers like Iceland poppies, irises, gazanias, blue Felicia’s, and vygies show their beautiful colours.  Some fruit and nut trees also start to blossom in August and almond and plum, cherry and peach blossoms remind us of the bounty and beauty of summer. 

So please bring me poppies in August – to remind me of what I am and where I am heading.