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08 June 2018


Posted in Decor and Style

By Camilla Swart

Does it really matter what type of blanket you sleep under?  At Linen Drawer we say “It most definitely does!” 

Our mission is to increase your sleep comfort; therefore, it is with pleasure that we would like to assist you in choosing a blanket for winter.

Firstly, sleep temperature – experts recommend the Goldilocks principle; not too hot, not too cold, but just right. The best temperature for sleep is between 16º-21ºC. When this temperature range drops or rises, your sleep will be disrupted.

Secondly, the size of blanket – choose a blanket that is big enough to cover your mattress, with a generous tuck in all round.  You will need to know your mattress size and depth. We have found that a larger blanket is better than one which is too small or just fits the bed.

Thirdly, the last but most important consideration – composition. What type of fibre is the blanket made from? This will be a matter of personal choice, but consider the following facts:

  • Cotton blankets- either woven or knitted- can be washed easily, are soft and breathable, anti-allergenic and come in various weights. Linen Drawer offers the Pure Cotton overdyed Throws / Blankets and the 100% Cotton Horizon Throws / Blankets.  Either are a good choice if you require a lighter weight blanket.
  • Wool blankets – pure wool and wool blends are very warm, and great insulators ensuring comfort all night long. Linen Drawer offers the crème de la crème in blankets, in the Hinterveld range of blankets and throws. These are made from pure mohair, or mohair blended with silk, alpaca, wool, and linen. The extensive range will offer various choices, all characterised by supreme comfort and warmth.
  • Acrylic blankets – these are available in various thicknesses and are very warm. They tend to be less breathable than wool or cotton but are generally less expensive and easy to launder. Linen Drawer stocks luxurious Fur-pile Acrylic blankets for your sleeping comfort.

Whatever your preferences, you will find the perfect blanket for yourself at Linen Drawer. 

Our next blog will tackle the issue of laundering your blanket. If you have any queries please contact us at Linen Drawer, we will gladly assist you.

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