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09 February 2017

Banish those oily marks

Posted in How to care for your products

By Camilla Swart

Hello again to all our readers with stain removal problems!

In this article we are specifically paying attention to the fats and oils group of stains. These are defined as butter, oil, margarine or animal fat stains.

How often we don’t realise that there is an oil stain on a garment, only to struggle to remove it after laundering.  There is an easy solution to these problems:

Firstly be very aware of staining – examine all laundry in good lighting before washing.  Fat and oil stains should be put aside. To imagine that they will ‘come out in the wash” is not realistic at all.  Rather treat them first, then launder later. 

Try to identify the stain – and then remove as much as possible with a knife, scraping away the excess on the fabric.  If it is liquid oil, blot excess with tissue/toilet paper. 

Next you need white Lux soap, or Sunlight soap and warm water. Wet the stain slightly with warm water; apply a paste of the soap to the stain.  Leave this for about 30 minutes then rinse off soap with warm water.

If the stain persists, try using surgical spirits rubbed over the stain.  If the stain still persists then dry cleaning is the last resort.

I find that quick responses to oil and fat stains is the best – never ever launder and iron a garment or tablecloth with oil stain on!  The will impossible to remove as the oil is ‘ironed into’ the fibres of the garment.

I hope this helps and you have carefree laundry days!