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13 December 2018


Posted in General Information

By Camilla Swart

Linen Drawer

Traditionally the last blog post of the year is one of thanks.  This one is absolutely no different, except that we, at Linen Drawer, have additional thanks to extend to our clients, agents, suppliers and employees.

This year has been one of extreme change. Starting with a full order-book in January, we were off to the New Year with a bang! In February we planned the move; the opportunity to move the business to larger premises had to be realised and as one can imagine, that also presented a new set of challenges.

The big move happened in March, fairly trauma-free and we were soon operating happily from bigger, better premises. Exciting new opportunities from Lesotho, Bloemfontein, and Johannesburg all became apparent, after visits and presentations with clients and agents.

Linen Drawer has done more entertaining this year than ever before. We hosted Open Days in August and September, a Hospitality Launch, and had a definite presence at the Boat Show in Cape Town in October. This exposure has resulted in new opportunities and clients, establishing the Linen Drawer brand as one synonymous with comfort, quality and great service.

Due to the expanded manufacturing space, we were able to accept larger orders. This also led us to expand our team of manufacturing employees and we welcome all our new staff members who joined the factory in our new premises.

For all the above, all these heaped blessings – we say “THANK YOU!”

Thanks to our clients – old and new. Thanks to our agents – you go the extra, again and again. Thanks to our suppliers – your service and products enable us to grow and expand our business. Thanks to everyone who works at Linen Drawer- your patience, dedication, hard work and humour cannot be replicated.

Have a blessed Festive Season, and may next year take us all to new heights!

Linen Drawer