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20 April 2018


Posted in Decor and Style

By Camilla Swart

May is the month dedicated to mothers and motherhood. Mother’s Day falls in the middle of the month (13 May) this year, and we would like to dedicate the whole month to mothers.

By ‘mothers’ we naturally mean any woman who has had a nurturing influence in your life. Apart from my mother, who certainly influenced my life, I can count a handful of other women whose benevolent care shaped, and still affects, my life. 

So, it’s cheers to these life-givers!

In order to help you celebrate this very important month we are running a competition throughout the whole month. Click on for further details.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the month of May is the fullest month of Spring.  New growth and rebirth are celebrated and summer is anticipated with joy.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the month of May is the last month of Autumn. It is a time of fruitfulness and preparation for winter. Although days are warm, the evening chills have us reaching for those warm throws and extra blankets.

Now is the time to shop for your 100% Cotton Horizon Throws, Down duvets, and winter sheeting. There is nothing worse than that unexpected cold snap that has you suddenly searching for warm bedding!

At Linen Drawer this month is a very busy one. After our relocation to larger premises, we are operating at 100% again. We are anticipating treating our customers to all sorts of ‘special offers’, promotions and information sessions. Watch the Linen Drawer Facebook page and our website to see what we are planning. Sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest news and special offers.

Remember, a customized set of bed linen is a wonderful gift for anyone, especially the woman who has shaped your life. We can satin-stitch, hemstitch or embroider to your specification – making your choice of gift, a treasure. Need special sized bedding? No problem, we take care of that for you too.

Break out the bubbly, and let’s celebrate the sultry autumn days and the wonderful women who shape our lives!