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28 May 2018


Posted in Decor and Style

Your bed could become a productive unit in your everyday life! All you need is the right ‘equipment’ and attitude. Winter is the right time to cultivate that attitude. Spending more time in thoughtful contemplation under our wonderful blankets and throws. There are so many everyday tasks that can be done effectively from the comfort of your bed!

By ‘equipment’ I mean bedding and blankets. In winter, the fabulous Linen Drawer bedding takes second place to the Linen Drawer blankets. They occupy pride of place on your bed and contribute absolute comfort and warmth throughout the winter months.

At Linen Drawer we have blankets to suit all weathers. 100% Cotton Over-dye throws are perfect for the cooler days of autumn and early winter.  The variety of colours available are enough to make you want several. Made from soft cotton yarns woven in a plain weave, they are very easy to decorate with or to update a current décor scheme.

100% Pure cotton Horizon throws are knitted for extra warmth, trapping air in the channels between the stitches and providing comfort and warmth in the most natural way. They are available in different sizes – from travel or baby size right through to king size. Sizing is generous and these blankets are multipurpose.  They are super used as throws, in bedrooms, patios or sitting rooms.  They can also be used as blankets – with a flat sheet, or over your duvet for extra warmth. One of these is never enough – you will find yourself wanting a Pure Cotton Horizon Throw in every room to ensure your comfort!

When the cold really bites – then its time for an Acrylic Fur Pile blanket. Woven in the softest, snuggliest acrylic fibres, their warmth and comfort are enough to chase away all winter blues! They are available in lovely colours of stone, dove, eggshell and bone.

If you feel the cold, but hate heavy bedding, then a Hinterveld Blanket or throw is perfect for you. Produced in South Africa, from the finest mohair, silk, and wool, these blankets are the most luxurious and comfortable to sleep under. Hinterveld produces various ranges – the ultra-luxurious baby kid mohair, mohair blended with softest alpaca, mohair with silk, or mohair blended with wool and nylon to ensure easy care. All their blankets are investment pieces and with proper care should last a lifetime.

We understand winter very well – whether it is a rainy, misty Cape winter or a crisp, freezing Highveld winter. Be prepared and ready to enjoy the winter season, all you need is an armful of Linen Drawer blankets and good company!

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