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01 August 2017

Decorex - Our Journey to Johannesburg

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 By Camilla Swart

My to-do lists have been made since we exhibited at the Cape Town Decorex show, but I think that this is going to be a very different experience from the Cape Town exhibition. We had follow up, post-mortem and strategy meetings in order to clear our minds and prepare for the Johannesburg Decorex show.

Decorex will be held at the Gallagher Convention centre and stretches across many halls. The Linen Drawer stand is in Hall 5 and we are in stand L24. It is a corner stand so we are not easy to miss. 

22 March 2017

Embracing our Dark Side

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By Camilla Swart





This year Linen Drawer has the opportunity to exhibit at Decorex.  We will be exhibiting in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.  It would be a proper understatement to say that we are excited about this.  We are vibrating, apprehensive, scared, unsure, vibrating again, excited, shivering, scared, determined and losing our collective minds!  Why?  Well, we decided not to employ the services of ‘stand builder/planner’ but to go it alone.  Truly a venture into the dark side….

08 November 2016

Christmas at Linen Drawer

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By Camilla Swart

As Christmas approaches and gift lists grow longer, the staff at Linen Drawer are frantically filling orders for clients and ensuring that Linen Drawer is stocked for clients who want to shop – even at the very last minute!

26 July 2016

Bring me Poppies in August

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Poppies are the symbolic birth flower of the month of August and they represent beauty, strength, love, marriage and family.  As a wife and mother this resonates with me, and as a woman I really like the ‘strength and love” part of the previous statement.

12 July 2016

Colours...yesterday, today and tomorrow

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Thinking of decorating your bath or bedroom (or any room in your home, hotel or office, for that matter) and want to know what the “ïn” colours are and how to get that perfect look? 

02 July 2016

Feeling Blue Seeing Red

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The colours for 2016 are Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue – a beautiful pink and a soft hazy blue.  It is unusual that two colours are nominated as colours of the year, but the panellists agreed on two for this year.


17 September 2012

Making your bedroom seem new…

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linenHaving bedding that is of superb quality and lasts extra long, sometimes make it seem harder to give you’re bedroom a face lift. Why would you buy new bedding if it’s not neccesary. So you find yourself standing in your bedroom and would love to give it a fresh look.  However, you’re bedlinen is still fine and looking good. You also might not have the budget to redo your whole room at once. What to do? Throw in the proverbial towel……………………..?  We think not!

19 June 2012

Beds Galore

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Hi everyone, hope all’s well. We’ve had a launch recently and I got to thinking. You can do so much with bedding and lighting and stunning decorating accessories and more.

Then I saw these pics and realised that you could still make use of all these aspects by building it around a focal point. And why not make that something different.

16 May 2012

A Good Nights’ Sleep

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linenHi everyone,

we all know that a good nights sleep depends on a lot more than having great cotton bedding.

Many people suggest (and some studies have proven) that a routine before sleeping helps you get the most effective rest. 

(I’ve tried this and there seems to be merrit in it, each to their own of course).