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Blankets and throws

08 July 2019


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By Camilla Swart

20 June 2016

We've got you covered!

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On those chilly evenings or on days when all that you really need is a soft and snuggly blanket.  The comfort and sense of well-being that comes from being covered or draped in a lovely blanket or throw is absolutely primal. Linen Drawer understands comfort and brings you throws and blankets to cuddle up in.


15 June 2016

There’s an Alpaca on my bed

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There’s an Alpaca on my bed

It is autumn, and winter, as they say, is coming.  Thoughts turn to cozy fires, comforting warm beds and Hinterveld blankets.  Linen Drawer are proud suppliers of Hinterveld blankets and offer the full range of blankets and throws.

03 June 2015

Little more on Hinterveld

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“Mohair, or as most people know it, “Hinterveld Mohair” is known for being the world’s most beautiful and sought-after sustainable natural resources.
At Hinterveld we pay tribute to this AWESOME gift from nature with thoughtful,
inspired design and meticulous attention to detail in the crafting of all our mohair products... And people wonder why we’re the best!

This passionate outlook embodies Hinterveld’s luxurious premium ranges of Mohair blankets,
scarves and throws with beauty, integrity and the softest warmth.
So don’t be surprised to discover a natural desire to take a Hinterveld Mohair product home with you…” - As quoted from the Hinterveld Website

Hinterveld is made up of a team of the most dedicated mohair weavers.
As part of the Stucken Group, an international leader in mohair buying, trading and processing,
Hinterveld has access to the vast wealth of experience acquired by the Stucken Group’s commitment to premium mohair in South Africa since 1951.

With the most amazing range of stock, and a ability to manufacture specific orders to their client’s individual requirements,
 Hinterveld aims to develop long-term relationships with a growing customer base, which shares our enthusiasm for this remarkable natural product.

Obviously very aware of their surroundings, Hinterveld is committed to playing a meaningful part in the community.
To this end they are constantly involved in developing and exploring new and dynamic ways in which they are able to involve the less fortunate members of they’re society,
 in order to improve their circumstances by creating opportunities that promote dignity and self worth.

25 September 2014

Duck Egg Blue - Pure Cotton Throws

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Ask anyone who knows us what our favourite colour is and they will probably give you the same answer…

Blue! Our current favourite blues to decorate with are the Duck Egg shades of blue that are so versatile and calming,
especially when paired with the greyer tones and powdery shades as shown in the image below, which are perfect for creating a relaxed,
cool environment which works amazingly when decorating your bedroom.
Please let us know what you think of this cool, calm room…..

These Horizon Pure Cotton Throws are knitted using pure cotton yarns that are extremely hard wearing, yet completely luxurious.
Being pure cotton, they are produced from natural fibres that are hypo-allergenic and healthy. These throws are versatile and can be used
throughout the home as a practical summer / autumn throw or as a decorative add-on to your décor at any time of the year.Produced in South Africa,
these throws are machine washable and tumble dry-able.

21 July 2014

A Natural, Eco-Friendly Fibre

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Unique Qualities

A Natural, Eco-Friendly Fibre

Angora goats are shorn twice a year and are not harmed in any way during the process. In the persuit of perfection, their fleece has been refined through consistently high breeding standards and meticulous genetic selection.

Angora goats thrive in the Karoo, with it’s combination of hot, dry summers, cold winters and semi - desert vegetation. The combination of Versatile by nature, mohair is coveted by the world’s fashion industry elite, as well as by interior designers, craft specialists, etc.
Mohair manufacturers maximize on the fibre’s unrivalled natural beauty, capatalizing on it’s rare, natural qualities, which include :

Lustre: The fibre’s natural lustre gives garments a silky sheen. It’s the ideal garment to wear day or night.

Lightweight: The fabric is luxuriously lightweight and renowned for it’s versatility - Cool in summer and Warm in winter.

Dye-responsive: Mohair responds magnificently to dyes, retaining even the most brilliant colours over time.

Climate control: Mohair breathes, absorbing and releasing atmospheric moisture and controlling it’s own ‘climate’ to ensure optimal comfort.

Durability: Because of it’s pliability, mohair is rated as one of the world’s most durable natural fibres.

Crease resistant: Products made from Mohair have an innate elasticity, which ensures they hold their shape.

Non-flammable: Mohair is virtually non - flammable, keeping you safe and chic all year round.

Best practice farming and best enviroment for Angora goats has set South Africa apart.
South African Mohair is globally acknowledged as one of the finest natural fibres money can buy.
The added beauty of Mohair is that it is a renewable, natural resource, providing a sustainable production chain between animal and human, while contributing long-term properity to the Karoo region.

 Our Hinterveld collection of blankets and throws are catogorized in four sections:

Beautiful Story -  ( 70% Mohair, 24% Wool and 6% Nylon ) A playful friendship of neutral and bright colours, understated patterns and contemporary designs, bring an element of natural beauty and character to any Home.

Maxhosa - (70% Mohair, 24% Wool and 6% Nylon ) Blankets and Throws are valuable and precious treasures in the African culture, from the corn blankets of the Sotho, to the burnt orange blankets of the Xhosa and the colourful blankets of the Ndebele.

Natural elegance - ( 80% Kid Mohair and 20% Silk ) A collection crafted from one of the world’s most sustainable natural resources, Kid Mohair.

Opening Night - ( 80% Merino Wool and 20% Kid Mohair ) Experience the beauty of a luxurious weave of fibres with a distinctive hand - knotted finish. Conveniently machine washable.

15 July 2014

Mohair ... The Noble Fibre

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Now some are thinking. . .

Does Mohair scratch?
Some yarns are just “pokier” than others, making itchy items, however, when the mohair is nicely contained within the blend it is quite soft.

Are Mohair Products made in South Africa?
The Hinterveld Range of products are 100% South African made and available in various exciting colours. These blankets and Throws are ideal to keep you warm in the cold months ahead, and are also very decorative.

Where does the Mohair originate from?
The main material that is being used is the fleece from the Angora goat, which is farmed and found on the plains of the Karoo.













From the Catwalks of the world to the wardrobes and homes of the rich and famous, runs a thread woven from the noble South African fibre.

The fleece of the Angora goat, dates back thousands of years to the Tibetan Himalayas, from where the goats originated.
Mohair today is one of the world’s most saught after natural fibres, with two centuries of refinement by the South African textile industry behind it.

The Founding of the Mohair industry in South Africa was a stroke of good luck after the Sultan of Turkey sent twelve infertile ( Unable to reproduce ) Angora rams and one ewe to South Africa in 1838.
Unknown to the Sultan, the ewe was pregnant and gave birth to a ram kid ( Baby Angora ), therefor establishing the Angora breeding life in South Africa.

These beautiful and very gentle animals ultimately found their way to the Karoo region of South Africa’s Eastern Cape, where great flocks of goats are now farmed.

Mohair is known worldwide as ‘The Noble Fibre” or “The Diamond Fibre”. It’s exclusive qualities - lustre, resilience and colour reflection - have been it’s success, and the South African textile industry has grown into the global leader, producing the world’s best Mohair.

Watch our blog for our next article.

16 March 2014

Some winter Blanket fun......Brrrrrrrr are you prepared?

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Fight the cold this winter with blankets in all colours & sizes

Horizon Cotton ThrowsWinter is starting to stretch its icy fingers. Though in many parts of the world summer is approaching, a lot of countries are preparing for winter.

We decided to give you a glimpse of our range of blankets so that you can choose one (or two) that suit your need. We cater for all seasons. Take a look at the lovely pics and for more information on colour choices and sizes, take a look at our website now.