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16 March 2017

Pure Linen - Best Laundering Tips

Posted in How to care for your products

By Camilla Swart


Pure linen is currently the subject of conversation on so many platforms.  It is one of the most healthful and comfortable choices for bed linen, and many of our customers are choosing it because of these facts. Want to know how  to get the best out of your pure linen bed linen?

13 March 2017

What are you sleeping under?

Posted in Bed Linen

By Camilla Swart

Your bed companions are a private matter, but which bedding you are sleeping under is our immediate concern.   At Linen Drawer we take sleeping comfort very seriously.  It is our mission to ensure that your sleep experience is comfortable and healthy.

28 February 2017

Linen - What you need now

Posted in General Information

By Camilla Swart

Pure linen is the ultimate fabric of choice when matching the need for both comfort and style. It is the oldest fabric used by man, having being produced by civilizations far older than the ancient Egyptians. Its strength has literally stood the test of time – linen fabric was used by the Egyptians to wrap around their mummies before placing them in the tombs. During excavations, the fabric has been found intact in tombs dating back centuries B.C.

23 February 2017

Al Fresco Cool

Posted in Tabling

By Camilla Swart

Sweltering – the only word to describe the Western Cape at this time of year, and much of the country as well.  In Paarl, at Linen Drawer, all the fans are working full time and there is constant traffic to the fridge to fetch cold water for hot and thirsty staff. 

Hot days are followed by warm nights and that’s when the fun starts. It is the time of al fresco dining.  Late sunsets are followed by balmy evenings; no wind, a slight cooling of the air and the only place to be is outside – dining and enjoying the wonderful summer evenings.  These are the times for counting of blessings and immersing ourselves in the absolute fullness of summer.

Of course these evenings are an excuse to bring out the beautiful Linen Drawer tabling - see some photos below:

26 November 2016

Our Grateful Lives

Posted in General Information

By Camilla Swart







20 November 2016


Posted in Stain removal

08 November 2016

Christmas at Linen Drawer

Posted in Decor and Style

By Camilla Swart

As Christmas approaches and gift lists grow longer, the staff at Linen Drawer are frantically filling orders for clients and ensuring that Linen Drawer is stocked for clients who want to shop – even at the very last minute!

07 September 2016

Our new baby is born

Posted in Baby and Child

Spring has sprung and we are very proud to announce the birth of our new Designer Baby Range!  The creation and development of the range has taken time, as befits the birth of a baby.  We are proud and a little scared, but would like to share all the details with you.

There are six designs to choose from and here they all are – so in fact a multiple birth!



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