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11 July 2013

The big Pillow fight...How to choose and distinguish between filling types & more.

Posted in Duvets & Pillows, Your Comfort

Good morning good morning. Today I’d like to talk to you about a question that we are often asked in the hospitality industry as well as the private sector. This question is, "What are the different types of pillows one gets and how do they compare to each other, and of course, which is the best to buy." The summary below contains the variety of pillows that we here at Linen Drawer generally supply to the hospitality industry (Please note this information applies specifically to our products):

02 November 2012

Stains – Fatty or Coloured…or worse….both.

Posted in Stain removal

All of us have struggled with stains at some point in our lives. Whether it is in a restaurant, guesthouse or hotel or at home with clothes and more. There is nothing worse than sitting with a stain and not knowing what to do.

30 October 2012

Duvet Inners – Dustmite trap or there to keep you warm………

Posted in How to care for your products, Duvets & Pillows

Now today we’d like to ask you how often you wash your duvet inners? And we normally ask this as an ice breaker when we do our presentations to hospitality, decorating and other industries. And would you believe me that more often than not, the response is, not even once a year. Yes, you heard right……not even once a year. Can you imagine sleeping under a duvet that hasn’t been washed for that long? Of course, keep in mind that this exact same question applies to your home.

27 September 2012

Fitting your fitted sheet correctly…. Size and design does matter….

Posted in General Information, Bed Linen

linenGood Morning Everyone.

Have you ever struggled with a fitted sheet that just doesn’t want to fit, or that fitted perfectly, but after the first wash it’s so small, you’d need a team to get it to fit on the mattress?

Well if you have, then read on….

This is in fact a common problem that many deal with. It starts already at the door of the manufacturer.

17 September 2012

Making your bedroom seem new…

Posted in Decor and Style

linenHaving bedding that is of superb quality and lasts extra long, sometimes make it seem harder to give you’re bedroom a face lift. Why would you buy new bedding if it’s not neccesary. So you find yourself standing in your bedroom and would love to give it a fresh look.  However, you’re bedlinen is still fine and looking good. You also might not have the budget to redo your whole room at once. What to do? Throw in the proverbial towel……………………..?  We think not!

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